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  • Words from Osho

    I give up. I’m reaching nowhere. I came here full of hope and joy, but I now realize that it is all meaningless. Before, you touched me to tears, but they were tears of ecstasy, relief, the ones that flow when one listens to beautiful music. Now, even my love for you hurts. My tears give no relief. I can not get in touch with my inner core […]

  • Travel
  • How we travel

    We wake up by singing birds. A gentle breeze kisses our skin and we open our eyes for a beautiful sky to be observed. This is how we travel, camping outdoors and preferred without a tent. Inhale fresh air and fall asleep with the milkyway above our head. Exhale and let go any feeling of […]

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  • We found us

    Each direction you go, you are moving in the direction of the unknown. Accepting this and learning to be in the present creates the best way to fully enjoy traveling – and life in general! This mindset gives the chance to see how everything is connected, breaking all common ways of thinking about coincidence. Every […]