We found a boat!


It sure looks small and it will be quite some paddling but we’ll make it!

Ok, ok, just kidding, this is the actual boat we will sail with!


We’ve had the idea for over a year now to cross the Atlantic Ocean with a boat. Leaving for our trip we were completely unknowing on how it would work out and if it would work out at all! But we definitely had faith it would. And that is maybe one of the key ingredients in making things happen…

One year after the idea was planted we are able to tell you good news! We leave March 4th to start our sailing adventure.


So, how did it happen?

Let’s start by saying we are two lucky beings because it happened so smoothly. Back in October we wrote to a friend who has been living in the Canary Islands for over a year. When telling our plans we mentioned our desire to find a boat, he responded knowing a captain making the journey. Putting us in contact with the boat through e-mail we quickly had a good feeling. Within a few weeks we planned to meet in Gran Canaria. Completely changing our expectations of staying in La Palma but eager to meet the boat we didn’t mind changing plans.

In November we arrived and immediately we met the boat Anuanua – which means ‘rainbow’ in Polynesian – the boat is also built like an original French Polynesian style catamaran. The captain, Eric, and Delphine are French and share the boat life for almost five years. Another passenger, Leo, is also French and just a year older than us. We were invited to spend a few nights on the boat to get to know one another, and also the boat with its way of living. During that time we noticed the 5 of us connect with ease. The few days quickly turned into weeks. Each of us worked together to cook and clean. We prepared schedules for the crossing and calculated food needs and costs.

We realize how easy it went for us compared to others because quickly after arriving we noticed the marina is filled with travelers having the same plan. Entire walls are covered with postings which people wrote about who they are, why they are searching a boat and what they can offer. Every boat is consistently being asked if they have space available. Watching as several tents pop up on the beach each night we feel gratitude to be part of the Anuanua crew.



On board the boat will be 7 of us in total, it will be quite the squeeze but we are prepared to make it work. It will be an adventure to say the least, and a learning experience on many different levels. We will not only learn how to sail, but also feel how it will be to not being on land for weeks. Plus we will have to live together as 7 people on a 6 x 12 m (19 x 40ft) boat! Five people are native French speakers, Patricia English and Sieger, as usual, the translator. This putting language as the biggest barrier as Patricia doesn’t speak French and Delphine doesn’t speak English!

As always, there are not many fixed plans. All we know is we eventually want to reach Costa Rica to visit the farm of Sieger’s very good friends. After that the idea is to be in the US for 2017 holidays with Patricia’s family.



Gran Canaria » Cape Verde » Brazil » Caribbean »   ?



Combined it could easily take 2 months to reach Brazil. Roughly 7-10 days to Cape Verde and 15-21 days on the Atlantic Ocean to reach Brazil. Traveling along the North coast of Brazil we will sail to Caribbean hopefully without being spotted by pirates.

In the meantime Eric and Delphine returned to France for the holiday months and will return in the beginning of March. After their leaving in December, we spent some more time staying on the boat anchored in Las Palmas. Taking care for the boat helps our captain, but also having a place to stay is a huge gift for us. We have a safe space to store stuff, a kitchen and a bed making for a cozy shelter for rainy days of the Canarian winter.



Here is our room for the next few months on sea! We are excited to start our sailing experience. Traveling a more authentic way, passing under some of the clearest night skies of the world we will be guided by the stars towards South America. You don’t need a boat to follow us, simply stay tuned for our stories on here! ☺

From our hearts to yours,



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  1. Janick Debroux says: Reply

    Thank you for your beautiful blog! I will be a great adventure 🙂

    1. Ahimsa says: Reply

      So happy to hear that mother, you are one of the main reasons this blog is made 🙂

  2. This sounds absolutely incredible! What an exciting adventure you both have ahead of you. Thanks for sharing your journey & have fun!! Sending lots of love from Luxembourg <3 🙂

    1. Ahimsa says: Reply

      Life is one big adventure and fun is always included! 😉 Thank you for reading Janusz! Love & warmth from the Canaries 🙂 <3

  3. Pamela Williams says: Reply

    What a beautiful story! Happy sailing ⛵️ and safe travels my dear.

    1. Ahimsa says: Reply

      Thank you so much! We can’t wait to learn the ropes 🙂

  4. Leslie says: Reply

    Great inspiration to all the adventurers. Can’t wait to see future posts.

    1. Ahimsa says: Reply

      Thanks! We live to learn and we live to inspire. The blog is a slow process but we like to live slow 😉

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