We found us

Each direction you go, you are moving in the direction of the unknown. Accepting this and learning to be in the present creates the best way to fully enjoy traveling – and life in general! This mindset gives the chance to see how everything is connected, breaking all common ways of thinking about coincidence. Every person you meet has a purpose and everywhere you go, you are expected.

1/13/16, Valle Gran Rey, La Gomera, Spain

In our first post we want to share with you how we stumbled upon each other in the beginning of 2016. We try not to be too cheesy, but hey, our meeting was like a dream. We are Patricia and Sieger and this is how we found us.

On a small magical island in the Atlantic Ocean the universe conspired and stars aligned to bring our souls together as one…

P: After spending a month in Tenerife camping with a group of Hungarians I felt completely renewed as a person. That month was an inward discovery where my evolution as a person accelerated. Living in nature is something I’ve long desired. While breathing amongst the cacti on a sandy beach with the waves constantly rolling, I had tapped into a state of bliss.

Together with mediation, living a slow and pure life – cooking over a campfire and sharing everything we had – I learned about the true nature of being. I gained different perspectives on love in ways I had not seen before. I felt fully at peace and kept my mind open and positive to all that was coming my way.

With only two weeks legally left of my 90day Schengen visa I felt I had to visit La Gomera. Something was calling me there. Traveling together with my dear friend Silvia who I had met in Tenerife, ideas were aligned to get to La Gomera. The two of us in constant laughter at how smooth things were going; life was like a dream because everywhere we went everything was perfectly timed. With a smile on our face and gratitude in our hearts the boat departed at sunset. Arriving we decided to go to Valle Gran Rey since we were told there was a hippie beach you could sleep at for free. With ease we got the bus and made it to the Playa, stars bright and glowing plankton in the sea.

The next afternoon as we walked back to our spot we see a guy sitting on a rock looking out peacefully with his backpack next to him. Within a few moments he walks over and asks, “in what language can we communicate?” Silvia, Sieger and I connected instantly. Having similar interests and mindsets, friendship was natural and eventually we spent all of our days together on the island.

We are born in one day. We die in one day. We can change in one day. And we can fall in love in one day. Anything can happen in just one day.

― Gayle Forman

S: Home. This is exactly how I felt when arriving to La Gomera. Breaking my 10 to 7 job with a two-week holiday, I had to get back there. Two years ago I spent five months on the island and after building up some society/work stress it was the perfect place to discharge and recharge. Sometimes during the fast and hectic city life one forgets that taking a step into the unknown is freeing. More than freeing, it’s a way to be happy with every moment you reach out to. At least that’s how I learned backpacking and to feel completely comfortable with it. This taught me to give every experience meaning and value with each step I take.

Anyhow, when asking myself where I could find an untaken sleeping spot on the beach, I approached Patricia and Silvia. As I knew Valle Gran Rey and the whole island of La Gomera pretty well, there was immediately so much to share. We made a sunset walk through a botanical garden, created a fire to cook and shared stories of our travels. As the days passed we spent our time soaking up the wonderful Canarian sun. I led them on a barefoot hike through a valley where I spent a month myself, ending up at a beautiful waterfall. We showered and then returning in the dark we may have gotten lost. Uh.. it was very very dark, okay?

After spending all those months on the island before, my revisit still only had one purpose – to take a picture at the top of the mountain that looks over Playa Del Ingles. There a lonesome tree stands proud at 600m height, which I was determined to capture during a moonless night sky.

Throughout the time we shared together there seemed nothing more than a deep friendly connection until a moment of eye gazing created a spark between Patricia and I. With no clouds in the sky I decided later this day that it was the ideal chance to make the hike up the mountain for taking the photo. When proposing, Silvia opted out but Patricia felt it would be nice to see a new landscape and decided to join. Whilst we climbed higher, the sun fell lower. The two of us could not stop talking – so many things in common but such different lives!

After we saw the sun set from the side of the mountain, we reached the top and watched over the cliff. As the moon slowly set, turning a deep red until it disappeared behind the endless horizon of ocean. There we were with the Milky Way rising above our heads – an infinite sky filled with stars, waiting for us. As lucky as I was having Patricia with me, the picture turned out more perfect than I could have imagined, with a shooting star falling right in front of her sight.

1/13/16, Valle Gran Rey, La Gomera, Spain
We found us

P: Countless stars, countless words and two worlds came together as one. Overnight, we fell in love. We had such a deep feeling of pure connection that we knew from that night on our lives would be shared as one. Neither of us could have ever imagined coming to La Gomera for 10 days we would leave with our soul mate. *cheesy, we know*

Aware of our short stay we had to say goodbye unknowing when we would meet again. With hearts full Sieger headed back to Belgium and I was leaving to Morocco. Distant in miles but not in soul our love continued to blossom. Through three months of failed wifi and blurry skype calls the decision was made without second thought that Sieger would quit his job in August for us to create a journey of our own. He had been saving money to travel for two years and we knew doing this together would be something natural.

Traveling is one of the most enriching experiences one can have and as we both feel it is more important to get rich by experience versus a paycheck we are moving towards a nomadic lifestyle together. Now 10 months later we are beginning our backpacking journey, starting where it all began, La Gomera.

Stay posted for our journey!

Words from the heart,

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  1. Lindsay P. says: Reply

    I can’t wait to read more about the amazing journey you two are embarking on. I love you!

    1. Ahimsa says: Reply

      Thank you Lindsay!
      We hope you’ll be meeting us somewhere this summer, until then sending love from across the Atlantic!

  2. Sereno Sky says: Reply

    nice blog…I’ll be looking in at times…best wishes for your travels, greetings, Sereno

    1. Ahimsa says: Reply

      Much appreciated Sereno!!
      Happy you found the blog, La Gomera is missing you!

  3. You two wonderful Souls. <3
    Thanks for the Love&Light you are spreading, and thanks for the sharing.
    You are Uplifters, Healers for this world and your Purity and Wisdom are needed.
    I'm excited to read your next updates, happy to share the amazing and inspiring journey you're having by reading your words.
    I wish you to feel more and more each day how extraordinary you are, feel your huge Powers, and keep on Manifesting Miracles in your Nows. 🙂
    Smiling Vibrations,

    1. Ahimsa says: Reply

      Sweet soul sister!
      Lots of gratitude your way, our connecting together wasn’t without your beautiful spirit – your love and wisdom is aligned with the memories we have.
      More than excited, we are waiting your arrival in the Canaries again!
      Hug you soon 🙂

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