About me

I never turned Yoga into my profession, but it has always been my passion. At the age of 9, I started engaging in Yoga and ‘breath juggling.’ India has always attracted me, and as an adult, I have spent considerable time developing and refining my practices there.

Born and raised in Israel, I lived in the USA for four years of my childhood.

I studied and earned a degree in electrical engineering. Post graduation, I traveled around the world for a few years, making a living as a street musician and later as a street magician.

Fell in love with a Danish woman, settled in Denmark, and was blessed with two kids.

Started a business for admission control products. For 25 years, I ran the company, until my early retirement in favor of writing a book about Breathing.


Alternative Profile

I come from my mother.

Live near a park and a forest, in my home, I only reside.

Striving to need less; wanting more didn’t get me to my goals.

My greatest challenge in life is mastering my thoughts.

I like to breathe and smile.