About me

I started engaging in Yoga and ‘breath juggling’ at the age of 9. My mother was a breathwork instructor , so I’m the second generation. I have collected insights and understandings of the subtle links between breath and being for more than half a century.

India has always attracted me, and this is where I spent considerable time developing and refining my practices.

Born and raised in Israel, four years of my childhood I spent in the USA.

I took part in a senseless war as an infantry soldier. After my dismissal from the army, I studied and earned a degree in electrical engineering. Immediately following graduation, I traveled around the world for years, making my living as a street musician and later performing as a magician.

Fell in love with a Danish woman, settled in Denmark, was blessed with two kids, and started a business for admission control products. For 25 years, I ran the company until my early retirement in favor of writing a book about breathing.