Offer Dan never turned Yoga into his profession, but it has always been his main passion. At the age of 9, he started engaging in Yoga and ‘breath juggling’ and has practiced a lengthy daily routine for years. India always attracted him, and this is where he spent considerable time developing and refining his practices.

Born  and raised in Israel. Four years of his childhood he spent in the USA.

The book’s author took part in a senseless war as an infantry soldier. After his dismissal from the army studied and earned a degree in electrical engineering. Immediately following graduation, he traveled around the world for years, making his living as a street musician and later performing as a magician.

He fell in love with a Danish woman, settled in Denmark, was blessed with two kids, and started a business for admission control products. For 25 years, he ran the company until his early retirement in favor of writing a book about breathing.