Sounds of a water stream

Many of us take water for granted. We open a tap and clear fresh water is at our disposal. For centuries in the past and for some less fortunate people still today, water is a rare and even precious commodity. We totally depend on water for survival and so do our food sources. Water in many ways is A ! symbol of life. The sound of running water, triggers in us a relaxation response.

Dehydration may bring upon us negative feelings, thirst, dry skin, stress, muscle tension just to name a few unpleasant symptoms.

The sound of running water soothes, heals and relaxes. It brings a natural clam. For me, the sound of running water is the absolute favorite, when it comes to ‘sound of nature’. I get high when I hear the real thing and I have also used for many years, a recording of running water. When I watch my breath, it intensifies my relaxation.