Dog barking breathing

In this exercise, I simulate a dog barking through my nose. The exercise familiarizes me with the effects this breathing has on me and prepares me for using it as a tool.

The way I exercise ‘dog barking’ breathing

  • Breathing: exclusive through the nose.
  • Position: I sit comfortably with a straight back, relax my tongue and jaw, and close my eyes.
  • Reset my breathing.
  1. Inhale to maximum diaphragm amplitude.
  2. On the exhale, I make successive short and rapid exhales, which cause my abdominal muscles to contract.
  3. The sounds made resemble those of a barking dog.
  4. I keep my mouth shut when ‘barking’ and exhale through my nose.
  5. Repeat for a few rounds.


Dogs usually bark with their mouths and can be very loud.  I inhale and exhale exclusively through my nose when I do this exercise. The sounds generated are not as loud as when using my mouth, but I found it affected me better.

The exercise releases and discharges.