Gorilla pounding breathing

In this exercise, I simulate a gorilla’s chest pounding while humming. The exercise physically vibrates my lungs and induces a cleanup.

The way I exercise ‘gorilla pounding’ breathing

  • Breathing: exclusive through the nose.
  • Position: I stand up with a straight back and close my eyes.
  • Reset my breathing.
  1. Inhale fully in 3 parts.
  2. On the exhale, I rapidly tap with loose fists all over my ribcage while humming through my nose.
  3. Repeat for a few rounds.


When gorillas express dominance, they stand up and rapidly pound their chests with their fists in quick succession. They also produce a sound with their vocal cords while they beat their hairy front part.

I try to cover most of my ribcage when tapping, also pounding on my backside. My pounding is mild, and I make sure not to use too much force, so I don’t overdo it when hitting myself.