Reverse forward

In this exercise, I first inhale and exhale normally, then as I inhale,  I force my belly inward, contrary to my natural breathing movement. The exercise improves my breathing diversity and my balancing ability.

The way I exercise ‘reverse forward’ breathing

  • Breathing: exclusive through the nose.
  • Position: I sit comfortably with a straight back, relax my tongue and jaw, and close my eyes.
  • Reset my breathing.
  1. Inhale, inflating to maximum diaphragm amplitude. 2Xunits.
  2. Exhale, diaphragm moving to minimum diaphragm amplitude.. 4Xunits.
  3. Inhale, engaging my abdominal muscles, pushing my stomach backward towards my spine. 2Xunits.
  4. Exhale, releasing my abdominal muscles, my navel moving away from the spine, and my diaphragm moving to minimum amplitude. 4Xunits.
  5. Hold my breath until ‘air hunger start.’
  6. Repeat for a few rounds.


In the second part of the exercise, my breathing is paradoxical. My belly moves as if I’m exhaling when I actually inhale.

I sometimes combine anal-locking on the inhale as my stomach moves backward.

The breath holds prevent me from the excessive clearing of  Carbon-diOxide.