Screaming out

For a long time, I considered screaming exercises to be a new-age practice—not my cup of tea. I grew up in a home where screaming or even shouting was out of the limit. But screaming can be a fantastic way to release and dispose of.

And, of course, in line with the trend of ‘everything can be Yoga,’ there is also a screaming version out there.

How I exercise ‘scream breathing’:


  • I find a place with no one around.
  1. Inhale, fully in 3 parts.
  2. Exhale while engaging my abdominal muscles, screaming out as loud as I can.

Since they rejected me in the audition to be the lead singer in a heavy metal rock band, I practice this exercise when I’m secluded; I don’t want to frighten people. During my daily walk, I pass through a vast field and then climb a hill. If no one is there, I squeeze out a hearty horrifying scream.

Tool preparation

Employing screaming as a tool to cope when experiencing a traumatic event may positively impact how the event is registered.