Yawn breathing

In this exercise, I fake a yawn. The exercise simulates my breathing muscles the way I do when spontaneously yawning.

The way I exercise ‘ yawn’ breathing

  • Breathing: exclusive through the mouth.
  • Position: I stand up with a straight back and close my eyes.
  • Reset my breathing.
  • Separate my jaws widely by opening my mouth.
  1. Inhale deeply through my mouth.
  2. Release a vocalized sigh through my mouth.
  3. Repeat for a few rounds.


Yawning is a natural involuntary reflex that has different nuances. I yawn a few times a day without being aware of it. It usually happens when I’m tired or bored. Other reasons for spontaneous yawning are for breath balancing or equalizing ear pressure.

Yawning stretches my lungs and may improve my blood gas balance. So when I feel like yawning, I avoid suppressing it; I try to do it entirely, including stretching my arms and vocalizing my exhaling.

Like smiling and laughing, yawning is contagious. When I see others yawn, social mirroring often occurs, and I tend to do it myself. Also, when reading about Yawning, I may start doing it spontaneously. So don’t be surprised if you start yawning as you read these lines.

The way I yawn is unique and is part of my breathing identity.