Head yoga

Head Yoga exercises focus on the  face itself and the three peripherals: neck, ears, and scalp.
Some people start to practice Head  Yoga hoping for a miraculous anti-aging transformation. But, unfortunately, grandmother nature has little mercy, particularly for those who hopelessly try to hold on to their physical youth.

These exercises may yield a  limited delay of the aging process in the areas exercised, but the primary goal is to get a good, fresh, vital, and relaxed feeling in the head.

Practicing affect the area of the central control unit for the whole of our body, our brain. It’s in our brain that our emotions arise, the good ones and also the negative ones.

Reflexology, or pressing at areas on the foot, may release tensions at body parts distant from the foot. Likewise, impacting different places on the face may positively affect our controlling unit, which is remote from the face surface.