The real I

If someone answers the question “do you know who you are?” With a YES, it probably means that he / she does not really know the answer. It is difficult for us to see ourselves, a bit like reading a book that is too close to our eyes.

“Tension is who we think we should be. Relaxation is who we are.” – Chinese proverb

The 3 steps to the “I”

Understanding, Accepting and Appreciating

1 Who I am

2 What I have in life

3 What I am experiencing in life

There is the “I” that is on the surface and there is a deeper “I”

The 5 different “I”s

1 The I that other people see

2 The I that I would like other people to see

3 The I that I would like to see myself

4 The I that I see myself

5 The real I

If there is a big gap between one of the first 4 “I”s, it may cause discomfort or even conflicts.

The real “I”, is not the emotions, ambitions, behaviors, needs, desires, talents, possessions, stories etc. that are attributed to a person. It is the “I” that can observe one’s own thoughts / behaviors from the outside and understand them for what they are. The real “I” is the “I” that can observe itself.