Gratitude and appriciation

Being grateful, being thankful and appreciating are basically similar vehicles that may carry us on the path to happiness.

Expressing thanks to others or to the divine enhances our wellbeing. Real gratitude produces long lasting positivity.

Gratitude is many times associated with some form of generosity, either people’s generosity or natures generosity. We may be grateful for tangible and intangible things that are valuable and meaningful for us.

We may be grateful for what someone has done for us or has given us, but we can also be grateful for things like: who we are and for the circumstances of our life. We can be grateful for very basic things like: that the sun is shining, that our senses are functioning or we can be grateful for bigger things like: our status, relationships, achievements etc.

Once our basic survival needs are fulfilled, we can always find reasons to be grateful. Finding something to be grateful for is not a difficult task.

It is not easy to always be grateful, especially in times of challenge and change but it surely pays off.

Focusing on what we have rather than on what we lack, makes it easier to be grateful.