My perspective on Yoga

Yoga has grown to be a tree with many tall branches. These days there are so many different styles of Yoga out there… So many, that one can easily get confused.

What is more important than what branch of Yoga is practiced, is to be able to:
Allocate time for oneself
Avoid distractions
Stay on the path

Eventually, any path taken, if taken seriously, will probably lead to a similar result.

There is no right way to exercise, there is right for the individual that is practicing. There is no sacred counting, duration, force to be used, there is right for the individual that is practicing. Every exercise is a base for a change, to suits the practitioner.

Yoga is mainly about: Balance – Flexibility – Strength – Persistence. Both physical and mental.

The routines that I practice are based mainly on Hatha Yoga. Through the years I have adopted practices from other exercising styles. Some Hatha Yoga exercises I have been doing since my childhood, others were added through the years.