Soon to be published...
  • How does a subtle eye-crossing while breath-holding delay the onset of air hunger?
  • Why do traumatic events register differently when screaming out, compared to when breath holding?
  • How to synchronize smiles to the inhale and the synergetic effect of smiling and breathing.
  • How can video recordings of night sleeping make mouth-taping redundant?
  • How can a ‘breathing clock’ be used to better synchronize body language gestures with spoken text when public speaking?
  • How a ‘Dying man’s breathing’ assists in overcoming cravings.
  • Why the respiratory ‘dead space‘ is what may bring a person back to life when performing mouth-to-mouth resuscitating.
  • How to breathe when experiencing motion sickness and why the breathing equation is changed when feeling seasick (motion + tilting).