Nostril flaring breathing

In this exercise, I tense and relax my nostril muscles rhythmically. The exercise activates my nostril muscles and improves my ability to maintain balance.

How I exercise ‘nostril-flaring breathing’:


  • I sit comfortably with a straight back, relax my tongue and jaw, and close my eyes.
  • Reset my breathing if needed.
  • Breathe diaphragmatically and exclusively through my nose.
  1. In the first two counts, inhale fully to reach maximum diaphragm amplitude.
  2. In the following four counts, exhale until my diaphragm returns to its neutral dome shape.
  3. On the next count, tilt my head back and flair my nostrils.
  4. Hold my breath until I gently reach the point of ‘air hunger start.’
  5. Tilt my head forward.
  6. Repeat for a few rounds.

Nostril muscles are just like any other muscle; not using these muscles for an extended period may lead to a limitation, or even loss, of the ability to flair the nostrils.

I emphasize nostril flaring when holding my breath, but it’s also possible to flair the nostrils in other breathing stages. For example, flaring my nostrils when inhaling or exhaling. I sometimes imagine there is a flower close to my nose and that I’m smelling its pleasant scent while flaring my nostrils.