Belly pumping

In this rigorous exercise, I first empty my lungs as much as I can and then hold my breath. I then move my abdominal muscles rapidly back and forth. The exercise improves my lung flexibility and strengthens my abdominal muscles.

How I exercise ‘pump breathing’:


  • I stand with a straight back and close my eyes.
  • Reset my breathing if needed.
  • Breathe using the nose initially and later the mouth.
  1. Inhale in 3 parts.
  2. Exhale, through my nose, bend forward and support myself by placing my hands on my kneecaps. Continue exhaling until my diaphragm returns to its neutral dome shape.
  3. Exhale further while bending forward and backward, forcefully emptying air through my mouth.
  4. Hold my breath while rapidly moving my stomach back and forth, using my abdominal
  5. Repeat until I gently reach the point of ‘air hunger start.’

I start by emptying the lungs from the top, then proceed to the middle, and lastly, the bottom. By leaning forward while placing my palms on both my kneecaps, I squeeze out part of the ‘residual volume’ at the bottom of my lungs, through my mouth. My stomach moves in the same manner as when I cough to clear my throat.