Dying mans breathing

In this exercise, I simulate the breathing of a person about to die. The exercise familiarizes me with the effects this breathing has on me and prepares me for using it as a tool.

The way I exercise a ‘dying man’s breathing.’

  • Breathing: exclusive through the nose.
  • Position: I sit comfortably with a straight back, relax my tongue and jaw, and close my eyes.
  • Reset my breathing.
  1. Make a quick inhale to half diaphragm amplitude.
  2. Followed by a short rapid exhale, so my diaphragm is relaxed.
  3. Hold my breath until the ‘air hunger start’ point.
  4. Repeat for a few rounds.


Since we will all die, we might as well get acquainted with the breathing that may await us when the time comes. What’s more interesting is that this sort of breathing assists me effectively while still alive.

Before death, as body systems gradually shut down, breathing becomes shallower and slower while using mainly the mouth. It’s characterized by a short inhale, a sharp exhale, and a lengthy breathing pause.

I inhale and exhale through the nose when practicing this exercise. Though breathing through the mouth has a more substantial effect, using my nose suits me better.

When I exercise, I hold my breath until reaching the ‘air hunger start’ point, but I also practice resuming breathing before getting to this point, shortening the intervals.

I don’t know the body chemistry explanation of the effect, but it works for me well. I have tested it many times in real life. A more spiritual explanation is that when about to die, we realize what has essence in life, and it’s not the things we crave and desire.