Pursed lips breathing

In this exercise, I exhale through my mouth in a slow and steady airflow. The exercise is meant to slow down my breathing and improve my ability to relax.

The way I exercise ‘pursed lips’ breathing

  • Breathing: nose inhale, mouth exhale.
  • Position: I sit comfortably with a straight back, relax my tongue and jaw, and close my eyes.
  • Reset my breathing.
  1. Inhale in 3 parts, with sealed lips.
  2. Pucker my lips and slowly exhale in 3 parts.
  3. Hold my breath until ‘air hunger start.’
  4. Repeat for a few rounds.


When I first learned this exercise, I engaged my lips muscles as if I was about to whistle. I then visualized that I was trying to flutter a feather gently. Other imagination options: include trying to bend a candle flame or softly blowing on a Dandelion.

Pursed lips exhaling is a bit like whistling the sound of silence. It’s a slow, gentle, and quiet exercise. It peaks when my diaphragm returns to minimum amplitude and my lips gently seal.

The breath hold gives indications. If I exhale slowly enough, once holding my breath, I should rapidly reach ‘air hunger start.’